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                  “Lets not Sarah! We'll get in trouble!” You protest to the girl, “it’s not worth it!”

            “Are you chickening out!” they retorted.

            “No I just don’t think it is worth it!” you state, trying to hold back the groaning feeling in your chest.

            “Well, I guess you are just not cut out to be a prankster like us!” the friends mentioned as they began to leave,” see you around looser!” Then suddenly you felt like you had to show them that you are still cool. Getting out a handful of eggs you yelled to your friends, ”All right, I’ll do it, I’ll egg the hag!”

They turned around and ran swiftly back.

            “I knew you were still cool,” stated Mike

            “Yeah, sorry we dissed you!” added Sarah.

            The eggs hit the front window and cracked it, collided with the front door, and slowly oozed down to the ground, as if the blood of some hideous beast. The three of you started laughing hysterically.

            “ Serves her right, that hag.”


Then the angry woman ran outside, and pointed her shotgun at you, laughing on her part this time. The bullets whizzed by you head and one of them dug itself into your arm.

            “Ah, F##@,Sh!@ “ You exclaimed as the three of you ran for your lives like wounded deer from a hunter. After five minutes of running you fell down, moaning and groaning. The two other friends stopped, and yelled when they noticed your steaming blood spurting forth from your wounded appendage.

            “What the F!@#, how could this happen!” Sarah blurted, as the screech of tires escalated behind you. Soon the headlights of the BMW were present and it seemed nothing could save you and your comrades from the front bumper of the speeding car.

The grim laughter of the old lady bellowed out front behind the wheel, soon the tires of the car would be splattering your group on the dirty and cold cement. Oh what horrors, how could you survive? Should you jump onto a trash bin, and motion your friends up, or try the next fire exit, or yet still, try to outrun the car to the end of the alley, only a hundred feet away?

Will you:

A)     Jump on the trash bin with your friends and hope the car will not kill you.

B)     Look for the next fire exit, in hopes of getting into the building you are next to.

C)  Run for the end of the alley, and hope that you will make it before the car does.