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The three of you decide to jump on the nearby trash can, it being taller than the roof of the car. Without wasting time, the three amigos successfully jumped on the trash bin, just as the speeding car collided with it. They were knocked right off the bin, and landed ten feet behind the speeding car. Sarah, and Mike lay there motionless, their heads bleeding; you on the other hand landed on a pile of trash. Banana peels and empty cardboard boxes inside the bags broke your fall. The old hag in the car was hurt, yet not to the point where she wanted to give up. With a screech, the car stopped and began to drive backwards. Will this nightmare ever end?

 “Ha ha ha ha ha hee hee!” the old woman stated sinisterly, as she neared the three of you still lying on the cold cement.

You struggled to stand upright on your beaten legs, your head spinning. The two headlights beaming into your eyes, like eyes of their own. Your comrades were moaning on the ground, slowly turning, as the grandma drove blindly in their direction, her voice crackling, with horrifying laughter. You start to walk and fall down again, too tired and wounded to move. The car ran over you friends, and finally landed on you. Your innards where splattered everywhere, as with Sarah and Mike. Too bad! Next time, you should think of a better way of preserving yourself.


You got 34 endpoints