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    Your search for a fire exit proved worthwhile. The building had four, one on each side. On the other hand, the door was locked, leaving the three of you to bash it open. Sarah, Mike and yourself threw your entire bodies against the rotten door. In no time, the lock broke and the three of you leaped inside, just as the monster that sped after you bit at your heels. The three of you fell to the dusty floor gasping for breath; your veins ready to explode from the commotion. The old woman was out of hearing distance now, yet the three of you could feel her hatred still on the look out for three teens dressed as ghouls and goblins. Then all of a sudden the clock tower was heard. The Cyclops with its spinning eye commanded the air around it and bellowed out twelve distinct bongs.

            “Gee, I can’t believe the old story was true. There is a witch that eats children!” stated Sarah in a shocked voice.

            “Yeah, too bad we couldn’t just read it in a newspaper or something,” retorted Mike.

            “Sure we know that she exists, but do you think anyone else will believe us?” you stated with a hint of fright in your voice.

            “ Oh shut up, and let’s get home before anything else happens!” commanded Mike sternly. The three of you got up on your feet and slowly made your way to the alley where the zooming car was hungrily chasing you, like an enraged horse with a sinister rider. As the three of you walked briskly through the city, the owl could be heard from a nearby tree, as though taunting” You die, you die, you die!” The outskirts it seemed where full of critters and animals. An hour passed and still you walked, slower this time, yet with a troubled soul, for neither of you three, knew where you where, or where to go. No one was about, not even the children, that did so annually. What was wrong with this world?

            “Where are we Matt?” probed Sarah.

            “If I knew I would say, but it seems that I am lost!” you replied.

            “All right lets stop and discuss this like adults.” Sarah stated.

            “I know we where north-west of Matt’s house when we first discovered the witch, but now, after all this bedlam, I really don’t know. “ Mike added.

            “ Plus, this world could have been changed, for unearthly forces are about!” cut in Sarah.

            “This is stupid, lets just keep going and try to look for something, or someone to help us with directions. Maybe we will find a place of business or a house and borrow their phone, “ you replied.

            “ All right, lets go and look for a house, that’s not abandoned or witch infested!” said Mike with reassurance and compliance.

            “Fine lets go!” agreed Sarah. On you went, examining houses and searching for people, but it seems, no one was out or in. Sarah shivered now, it being around forty degrees outside. Perhaps, a jacket would have been nice. Yet now, there was no time for delusional thinking. The three of you came up to an old rusty sign, not unlike the one you could see at the intersection of roads in a rural area. It stated that you where twenty miles from Norfolk, your hometown! But how could this be possible? Your wanderings could not have brought you this far! The sign also states that the city of Groain is two miles off to the east. Do you:

A)     go to Norfolk, your home town

B)      Go to Groain

C)    Go back exactly where you came from