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“Yeah, lets teach that hag a lesson,” you reply.

“Hey why not, its Halloween, she should have candy, or suffer the consequences!” added Mike.

      You each get a pair of eggs, take your aim and hurl them at the door. The first three collide with the door, however the other three had no time since the old woman came out.

      “You little rascals, now you shall pay for your stupidity! Sick them Icabob!” she commanded in a creaky voice. The three of you stared in dumb fear, as a huge Doberman leaped from the door. Then the three of you start running, with incredible speed in the opposite direction. The snarling beast was gaining rapidly, and all you could do is yell, and run. No one was around. Soon the monster shall be upon you, ripping at your throats. There was however one thing that could save you. While running, you noticed an escape ladder, like the ones in the movies, attached to the wall of the building you were running next to. If one of you could get it you might have enough time to save yourselves. On the other hand you might be able to hide yourself in the nearby fire exit, if it is open.

You can:

            A) try to get the ladder

      B) hope the fire exit is open and hide there.