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    The ladder it seems was seven feet high suspended right over your heads as you ran by. With a daring jump you manage to get hold of the ladder. Now all you had to do, is pull yourself up! The Doberman was at your heels, how could you survive? At the last moment, strength engulfed you and made your muscles work. The Doberman jumped for your leg, yet missed by a hair. Your friends were not as fortunate. The Doberman tore his fangs into their throats like a crazed wolf, as they gurgled their good-byes through their blood-filled throats. The two were done with in a matter of moments. Now the Doberman was after you! Reaching the top of the roof was no sweat, although your heart was full of choking fear. The sight of your dismembered friends still haunted you. On the roof you decide to spend the night, crazy as it sounds, but there was no other choice, the gigantic dog would not abandon its victim that easily. There on the roof, you decide to lie down, and fatigue overwhelmed you, making your eyelids slam shut with sleep. Your nightmare began with the three of you running down an alley, you escaping the wild dog, and it ended with the witch herself killing you upon the roof. With that you awoke, seeing the first light of dawn, yet you could also see her, the witch, staring at you with hungry eyes.

            “Get the hell away from me you hag. You will get it from the police for slaughtering my friends!’

            “How will they find out if there are no witnesses?” she croaked, as she turned you into a rabbit, and placed you into her hand. From there she picked you up with a toothless grin, and shoved you into her decaying mouth. Raw, she ate you, and with a laugh between bites. Next time; try to be more careful.



You got a total of 26 points