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“Quick!” you shout,” I see a fire exit not far away!” The three of you smash into the fire exit a couple of times, and after the third break through, just as the yelping dog hurls it self by. What a close call!

            “What the heck was that?” exclaims Mike.

            “I don’t know, but it sure was out to kill us!” answers Sarah.

            “ It was the dog from your story Mike, I saw it with my own eyes.” You answer with a sweat. Then you hear the Doberman’s snarling bark and see it in the doorway! It seems that the worst was yet to come. Sarah screamed, as Mike crawled back into the corner. You however, did not loose your cool and reached for the fire extinguisher slowly, as the lunatic dog stared with hungry eyes directly at you, burning a hole in your heart. It was dead quiet, except for the beating of your heart, Mike’s shaking body, and the beast’s snarl. Then suddenly, the silence was interrupted by the leaping monster. At you it leaped, seeing the fire extinguisher in your limbs. With a deafening yell you swung at the jaw of the animal, hitting it with Herculean force. Then the silence came back, as the dead cold corpse of the dog fell to the floor. Your instincts and cunning it seems have saved your group from total doom at the fangs of Icabob. Gathering your wits, the three of you venture out of the abandoned building, leaping over the bloody corpse. Yet your troubles were not over. The old hag that was apparently the owner of the dog was closing on your position. Her shrieks were in the air, for it seems that she has somehow found out about the death of her beloved beast, as if linked to it magically.

You can:

A)     Hide in the abandoned building in hopes that the old grandma does not find you. (21)

B)     Run away from the hag.(22)

C)    Split up and run away.(23)