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“No thanks!”

“I don’t feel like going on a wild goose chase, I rather go by myself!”

“What ever man, have fun”



            You in an angry fit put on your mask, grab a bag for candy, and another filled with fireworks, and head out, briefly stopping to mention it to your parents. In thirty minutes, you managed to get half a bag, and travel a mile away. Suddenly you notice a small back alley that led to a different part of town. The chill wind sifted its fingers through your alien costume, as you walked briskly through the little alley. A small black cat ran away from you as you reached the end. There you noticed a run down house, seeming centuries old. The windows, like eyes, gazed at you with their nothingness, as you shivered your way towards the door. The sun was long gone, yet the moon was yet to appear over the misty city.

            “Trick or treat!” you gasped in fear, as you pounded on the oak door. Soon the door moaned open, and an old man peeped from within. His gnarled face was almost as hideous as his hands.

            “What do you want mortal?” the man shrieked in annoyance.

            “Nice costume, where did you get it?”

He did not reply yet only peered at your eyes. Probing them with a keen sense, he was, yet not with question, but with a strong sense of hatred.

            “Um, do you have any candy?” you replied to the silence.

The old bony man only stared in answer.  You can:

A) Tell the man the meaning of Halloween, since he seems unknowing

B)     leave this weird man to his silent self.