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“ Well Mister, you see, you are supposed to give children candy on Halloween and they are supposed to say trick or treat…” you mumble as the old haggard man reached for something behind the door. Then, with a sudden moan the man swung open the door and revealed his bloody chipped ax, which apparently, he took from behind the door.

            “What the F!#$!”, you state as the tall wrinkled man takes a swing. You duck out of the way; the ax aimed for your head, hits the door and splits it in two. The old man, it turns out, is in good shape. You manage to twist out of the doorway just in time for the man to clip a little strip of your skin off of your leg.

            “Ahh what the heck is your f@#$ing problem man?” you shout angrily as you try to run for it. The old man grabs a hold of you and takes one final slice at your torso. The bloody ax slices through your side, cutting all the way to your spinal column. Your bloody gurgles end, when the old man rips off your head with the help of his inhuman strength. What a way to go, a bloody mess on the doorstep of the wrinkled man. Try your luck again, but this time, don’t bore the old man with the history of Halloween!



You achieved 25 end points!