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You begin to turn away as the wrinkled grandpa continues to stare at you with anger and hunger at the same time. Then suddenly, he moaned and grabbed at you with his decaying flesh. The muscles and skin, it turns out was just barely attached to the old bones of the man.

            “Mooooaaaannn! Miiioooonnn!” the swaying stranger gasped, as he squeezed your arm. You heard something crack, and felt, unbelievable pain.

            “Stop you’re hurting me, you geezer!”  you shouted. That only made him madder. The pressure escalated crushing your lower arm with the strength of a garbage compactor. Out of options, you reach for your bag of candy, and taking three swings, brake off the man’s brittle arm. Escaping this, you sprint for the alley that brought you here, but the alley was now gone, out of sight, like it never existed. The zombie groaned and shuffled its feet closer and closer. With time running out, you decide to get around the ancient beast, and hopefully find another exit. The zombie walked ever so slowly, like one who has no need to hurry. Your doom was upon you and with your last efforts you catapulted yourself at the undead beast. The brittle man did not stand a chance for he was centuries old. Different parts of its body were scattered everywhere as you pondered what to do. Should you go north, go east, or go west in hopes of finding your house.  Be weary, for your arm is broken and should be looked upon by a doctor.

A)     Go east

B)     Go north

C)    Go west