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            “You bet I am! Have I ever refused an adventure?”

            “All right, we’ll be there in a bit. Don’t forget the eggs and fireworks!”

            “Hey, you sure you want those along?”

            “Well, why not, well have some real fun!”

            “OK whatever, see you soon.”


            You get ready by putting on your alien mask, and tell your folks you are going out with Mike and Sarah, trick-or-treating. They say something about wearing a coat, as you quickly run outside to greet your friends. Mike leads the way as you and Sarah follow. An eerie glow appears around the new moon, as the last rays of the sun are swallowed silently by the shadows of the silent sky.

Half and hour later, the three of you stop at an old wooden mansion.

            “This is it!” Mike exclaims proudly.

            “Trick-or-treat, give us something good to eat!” the three of you shout in a marry voice.  A minute later, you hear the muffled noise of an elderly woman behind the door,” Go away, children, I have no candy!”

            “But ma’am it’s only seven how can you run out?”

            “Who said I had any in the first place?”

The three of you turn around in annoyance and slowly start walking towards another house. Then, Sarah suggested that we should egg the house, as a sign of our disapproval.

You can:

A) Agree and do it.

B) Try to talk her out of it!