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The sun was setting behind the dead tree in your yard, as you were lying in your room.

            “When was the phone going to ring?” you questioned mentally.

It felt like eternity as you lied on the bed waiting for Sarah and Mike to call. Soon after, a sharp ring of the telephone interrupted your inpatient thoughts.


            “Hey Matt, what’s up?”

            “Oh thank havens you called, I was beginning to worry we wont have enough time!”

            “Chill man, the night is young, and we are ready to come over. The question is, are you?”

            “Are you kidding? I was ready half an hour ago. Now what was the thing you wanted to say to me?”

            “Oh, right, the haunted house.”

            “What house?”

            “The one the old lady Hingerbone lives in.”

            “Who the heck is she?”

            “She’s the old coop that scares teens and eats children.”

            “Yeah right! Who told you that? That hobo at the airport?”

            “No Matt, she’s real, I herd about her a month ago, while I was at Randy’s place.  Two kids accidentally threw a Frisbee into her yard, but when one of the kids jumped over the fence…”

            “What… What happened?”

            “Oh nothing, just that he screamed and was never seen again, and when the other little guy started running; well lets just say, she sent her 4 foot tall dog after him.”

            “ Ha, ha, ha, do you really expect me to believe that lie?”

            “Do what ever you want, but Sarah and I are going to that house to trick or treat.”

            “ How do you know where the witch lives?”

            “I’ve heard rumors it’s nearby your place, and that well…Are you coming or are you not?”

You can:

A) Come along with Sarah and Mike to look for the Haunted House.

B) Refuse and go trick-or-treating by yourself. 6