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A list of games that you might like...

This is a collection of all the games and things that I have made... feel free to click on the name and go to a separate page, where you can learn how to make and play the game. The key to the table below is below the table. Please try these out, as I have had many positive comments.

Name of game Type of Game Difficulty (making) Difficulty (playing) Rating (1-10 stars)
Lego Wars 3d strategy with legos multi; 30min-2 hours Moderate (ages 10+) (8)
Clay Fighter Clay action. Multi 30min- 2+ hours. Easy (ages 5+) (10)

The key to the table above:

3d played in the house or outside
legos LegoŽ pieces are part of game.
action fast paced quick game
multi for more than one player.