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This is an awesome little game that can be made in several hours and enjoyed by many friends at once. Clay and imagination comes together to create a really cool and original game.

What you need:

You will need a cardboard box (shoes or slightly larger). 

You will also need a variety of sticks (pens or pencils work fine).

You need also clay (buy the cheap stuff and get several pounds but a packet will do)


To make the game board or the arena, first cut out narrow slits (approximately 1/4 and inch in width) from one end of the box to the other but leave a one to two inch margin. This cut should be made in the center of the game board. 

After completing, cut another slit with the same size by perpendicular (width wise), leaving an inch margin.

Now after you have a "cross" on the top of your box, with one inch margins, proceed to cut out the armholes.

The armholes, are arch shaped holes on all four sides of the box, these should be positioned right below your slit entrances. Be sure these are big enough for you wrists or fists to fit through. 

After that you are done, although decoration, and "traps" can be added for added game play options.

Traps (optional):

To make traps, you will need to cut out several strips of cardboard out of the scraps, or use the slit hole scraps. Then proceed:

The pole: This will be a blocker that will make hitting from the side rather hard for both the attacker and the defender. To make this, cut a slit in the box, next to the "cross," and insert a narrow cardboard strip ( possibly four inches in length into the slit, the width should be around half and inch. Make sure to have the strip go at least an inch into the board. You may want to bend the inserted end and tape or staple to the underside of the board.

The doorway: This is two poles (see above) and a strip of cardboard connecting it on the top. Make these sufficiently wide for the clay fighters to have room to stay in the doorway. This will provide maximum protection from the sides and the top, watch out for pokers.

The door: This is a complicated little contraption, but its cool in many ways. It consists of a toothpick or long straw (paper clips may work), a cardboard slab (big enough for the fighters), and some string. To make, you need to insert the straw or whatever into the board not too far from the walkway or the "cross," (this does not need to be high up, but needs to be attached properly to the board) then take the cardboard slab or piece, and tape it to the straw or whatever so that it does not move, and provides sufficient protection for one that is hiding behind. Then tape the string to the end of the slab, and to the opposing side of the walkway or "cross". Be sure to make this kinda tight, so when a clay fighter walks and triggers the trap, the slab will "close" behind providing a safe place. Thus in the end you will have something like a door on a hinge, that is close when someone walks through the string and thus pulls on the slab door. To open the door simply walk through it. The best application of this, is at a dead end, so the door does not open inwards. Have fun.

Make up your own traps to use with the game, and send them to me:

The Clay Fighters:

These will be what you fight with on the arena. 

To make: Start with the base (the stick or the pen or the pencil or others) and add clay to create the body. Then create the arms and the neck area. The neck area should be smooth or curved inward, so as to support a spherical head. The head should be proportionate to the body, and should not be attached. This is IMPORTANT since the object of the game is to knock or slice the head off of the clay fighter. The fighters (body and head) should be the size of your fist or hand, so as not to make them heavy and cumbersome. Thus, you should end up with a clay little man, with a smooth or curved in neck area and a head lightly placed on the neck area. Arms should be attached to the sides or where ever. Be artistic and creative, but do take into mind that the clay fighters will get... how should I put it?..... mashed to pieces after a while.  And now for the issue of the weapons and shield.


This is where you need to be fair. The arms that you made for your guy are attached but he needs a weapon to kill the others with. Usually, this is a toothpick, or a lego piece, or a cotton swab, or some kind of demented game piece. Attach this to the man, but make sure that it can fall off, or perhaps knocked out. To make a shield, simply put into the mans arms a coin or and eraser, or some kind of round or square thing that will protect your warrior from blows. Make sure this is, like weapons, attached firmly, but not too firmly. You be the judge. Be creative: here are some ideas:

Make a whip for your man, or perhaps a hook out of grocery bag wrappers.

Make him a magnet shield, so he can pick up metal weapons.

Make the shield "throwable" so it can be used as a last resort super weapon.

Make a shield that only stablizes when hits. (blow make it stick better.)

Make a weapon that can surpass traps or shield.

Either have two crappy things or one good one ( this is a general rule I use).

Create chain mail out of bead accessories or tacks.

Make the head with a magnet and a metal neck place.

Make a helmet for the man.

Experiment with magical spells, like once a game you may call out a spell and put the opponents fighter under a bright lamp for twenty seconds, then continue where left off, making the target unstable. Or have a freeze spell to maximize your stability. Others may involve a throwing of stuff at the target, or some other stuff...

Create your own...

Now that you are done with all the men that you wanted to make, put them in the freezer for several minutes so they last longer. Don't forget to check the heads before fighting.

How To Play:

It is simple, pick one of the fighters, and check that he is fit for battle. Then place the stick part into the cross slit, and place your hand through the hand arc cut out. Now grab the stick. You are now in the arena. Start out as far away from others as possible, and begin each bout with a small ceremony, like saying," Bow ready begin," or "Ready set go!" That's it. Who ever knocks off all the other heads, wins the bout. This is wild action fun so try it today.

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