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Lego Wars


    This is a multi-player game, that is awesome, if one enjoys a long strategy game, and has Legos. The more legos the better the game will function. You may be able to substitute other things similar to legos.


What you need:   

    100+ Lego pieces.

    A piece of paper


    Other things not found in Legos, like bottle caps, rubber bands, small lids, spit wad shooter, water pistols and hose (if outside, and with permission only.)

    30 minutes or more.

    A tiled or brick floor, large enough to play on( 30+ square feet)


How to make the game:

Sort out all of your lego pieces by type. One pile should get the men(people), another the big building blocks, another the small blocks, and the other all of the little accessories (swords, guns, wands...). 

Then on a piece of paper, using the pen or pencil create a table with three columns. The names of the columns should be: Name, Price, Usefulness. 

Take all the items that you have especially the accessories, and one by one place the name of the item in the name column of your table, this name can be made up.

Write down in the Usefulness column the use of the item if it is not obvious. For example: Wand of fire may have the use of shooting a strong rubber band from a range of lets say 5 squares. This would mean that the wand of fire has the ability to be used to shoot a rubber band from the person holding it up to 5 squares away.

Then pick a base price for the base item (like the men) and give all the items a price according to their use. For example if the guy cost 20 dollars, the wand of fire might cost 80 dollars or something like that.

After you are done recording all of the accessories in your pile, start with the building blocks that are big, like the cavern walls, and the castle walls that you might have. Well, pick an appropriate price, keeping in mind that these do a lot when supported to protect your people in case of missile attacks and spells. For example a good wall can wistand the tests of several rubberband and spitwad shots. Also, dont forget to assign speciall values to all the special items that you might have. For example you probobly want to assign the movement points for anything that you have to move (like 3 spaces per turn). 

Dont forget to create a hitpoint value for all destructable units like your horses, and your men, and your cannons...

Ok, now, assign a price for all of the little building blocks. I usually make this 1$ per little bump found on the piece. Platforms with bumps are like safe spots. If you get a wall on them it is incredibly hard to topple. So make this expensive. I leave it at a $ per bump, cuase the bumps add up on the platforms. 

Now that you have your table written out, create another one on the bad or on a seperate piece of paper. Have the three columns be: Name, Spell Cost, and Useability. Come up with a spell ( Fireblast, ice storm, water wave etc.) and start filling out the other parts. I like spells so I make over 30 spells in all. 

The rules, having to do with magic, are up to you to create and record. Make up all the spells that you want and after you are done, for example, create the rule stating that when you get a new guy(buy, or start out), you have to pick what class he is. I just stick with the eisiest two, magician, or fighter. The fighter gets an extra hp, but magicians get the chance to cast spells, and weild special weapons ( these you can make, for example the wand of acid rain). 

You can make several classes for your little men to be part of. A healer, has 2 health, yet he heals every turn. Or for example, an elf has 2 health, but he has +1 to walk, and +1 with bows, and missiles. Enchanters, can get a +1 to attack but only have 2 health... These numbers can be changed to your liking, but I feel that keeping the game simple allows for easier memorization of the units and thus smoother game play. 

You will be done, after arranging all the legos you have into the four original piles: big walls, normal blocks, accessories, and men/horse/other.


First, you start out by taking turns buying all the things that you want before the start of the game. If you are having trouble deciding, flip a coin, or roll a die.

 Second, place all of your purchaces, in you base ( This is a single square, or a 3x3 square if space allows.) Notice, that in the game all the men that you hire start next to your leader.

Third, the leader starts out in the base, with a horse, or another thing, he usually gets a flag to wear. This is good for keeping track of the leader's position in the game (remember that the new recruits start next to the leader).

Fourth, the game begins with a random player, moving all his men the amount of movement point that they have. This can be done diagonally or on a straight line. If one wishes to attack and is within range with his/her weapon, the attack is executed, and the target looses that much health or dies if all health is lost. Notice that if the target is on a horse that has an extra 2 life, the first 2 damage will just kill the horse, and then the next will kill the rider. 

Fifth, any kills made, will grant the killer with 1/2 of the total cost of the target killed rounded up in case of decimals. As one goes on to play, purchases can be made, but only during the person's turn.

Turns end, when the person, who is currently moving, says that he finishes.

A spell is played out like a usual attack with the range taken into consideration.

The minimum range, like with a sword or knife, should be on the same tile or square as the attacker. Thus if you have a minimum range item like a sword, you would have to move to the square of the target to attack.

The game ends after everyone has lost all the men, and has depleted all chance of recruiting more men.

New recruits start out next to the captain, or if hes dead, next to the flag, where ever it may lie. 

All items used or carried will remain on the same exact place on the battlefield after use, or after it has been dropped, it is eligible for pick up and reuse. This rule may not apply if you have limited lego pieces.

Have fun, and you may ajust the game rules as you see fit. This is just to get you started.

Email me with comments or questions or whatever, and include, "Lego Wars" in the subject.

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