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            Your suspicions made you realized the horrible trap that you have fallen into, like a dark damp pit. Now sitting there you eyed curiously the man. He was slobbering now, like a wild dog, his face as pale as the clouds. You decide on complete surprise. Counting to three in your mind, jumping off the chair you went, and with a skip tried to dash out the door. However the man was ready for you. Slamming the door shut he grabbed the chair, and with no real effort flung it at you with the speed of a tennis serve. Just in time you ducked, the leg of the chair missing you by a scratch of foot. The amazing force of the throw was enough to break the furniture into little pieces.  Not loosing your cool, or your mind, you grab a piece of the leg, solid pine, and thrust at the man. He yelped, like a pup, and hid in the corner. Dashing at him once more you were, the stake outstretched in hand. But he was too quick and avoided it with nimble movement. Then you saw him reach for you, his mouth wide open. His four front teeth were irregularly long and sharp, and also hollow. With great agility the man jumped at you, his mouth aimed at your neck. Down you fell with him on top, but then you stabbed him with your pike. Not in the heart, but in his liver. Still it was enough to get his meddling arms off of you. He shrieked with pain and hid in the corner, recuperating from the blow, his skin healing at great speed. You took this chance to fling open the door and run outside, and out of the house. Your legs never stopped moving, always in motion for an entire hour, and after you were certain that the vampire had learned his lesson, you decided now to slow your speed, and go north, the North Star guiding your way.


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