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North you went, away form the terrible place, in search for friendly people and your house. Your broken arm was swollen and looked completely shattered. The pace at which you walked was slow, like that of a beaten marathon runner. Your search for a person or a telephone booth yielded no results. Only a small light, in a house hidden horribly, in a nearby cemetery caught your eye as promising.  Your senses saw this whole situation as a trap, but your logic stated that there was nowhere else to turn. The great rusty gates of the cold cemetery only worsened your greatest fears and horrors. The mist inside floated rhythmically like a ghost.

Surprisingly, the gates where opened, for the cemetery was a public one. Your voyage through the soggy place was all too dreadful. Black withered trees stared at you, with faces of saddened expression. On the hill the house stood, its door wide open, slamming hard against the inner walls as if by force. You knew however that it was just the bitter cold wind. In front of the door you stopped timid in your heart. But the necessity of survival made you realize your position and step inside the lonely place. The light was emanating from an abundance of candles, here it seems was the altar to the underworld. Then you felt death near, a cold feeling like that of a dead soul. And you saw it, a ghastly ghoul groping your body, and groaning like the hull of a great ship. Paralyzed you were by looking at it, and then saw hatred in its face. The body of a long dead warrior, floated before you reaching for your soul with its wispy fingers. Then you realized that this was total doom for you unless you got out quickly.

You may:


A)     Jump out the window, and run for home

B)     Leave through the door, still slamming against the wall

C)    Reason with the ghost, and explain your situation