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        With a sudden burst of energy, you rushed past the ghost, and jumped out of the window breaking it in the process. Tumbling down the hill you went, as you remembered that the house was on a steep hill. The spirit followed, flying right through the walls of the house. Its eyes where fixed on you, blazing like rubies, set in a white gold ring. Not all was lost for the ghost was awfully slow, drifting through the air, as though a white balloon, flying through the sky. However, the misty being was getting closer, its hands outstretched and wailing, “ Give up Matt… I will help you!“ Getting up you start to run. Just then the ghost wailed in disapproval. But why would you listen to the ghost if it were out to kill you! On you fled with great speed, the spirit in hopeless pursuit. It stopped after a while and returned to its haunted shack, with the smashing doors. You on the other hand went on with your life, drifting up and down the streets, in search of a sign of life or hope. You found that sign. Your mom’s old car was parked near the local police house. Spirits rising, you sprinted for the auto, eyes wet with tears.

            Intoxicating happiness overwhelmed your senses, as you saw your mom through the window of the police station. To you, she seemed like an angel, a white aura about her. Apparently she was talking to the chief of the station, a photograph in her hands. Then when you opened the door, she stared at you with her gentle face, her eyes streaming with boiling tears. She ran up and embraced you with a mother’s touch. And she stated in a lighthearted voice,” Get up Matt it’s almost 6 p.m. Your friends are waiting at the door. And don’t forget your mask, and a jacket!” In your room you were, looking up at the ceiling shocked with your nightmare. It was so real, so very real, that it horrified you. Then you got up, did as your mom told, and met with Sarah and Mike at the door. “ Ready to go yet, or are you chickening out?” they teased in unison.

 You won awesome job!

You got 91 endpoints