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This part of the site was made for the experienced, and novice alike. One question that always pops up, is what is this site about? The answer is this: This is a role playing game site, consisting of games that I have created by myself, although I might have used certain programs to help me. Everyday, I come up with a number of ideas for RPGs and adventure games. Sometimes, I even have time to sit down and create a game, just for the heck of it. But there was one problem.

The problem:

My problem, was that nobody ever played these games. Ever. Ever! As you can understand, this got incresingly frustrating after a while, because I would comit myself to creating a game, but then no one would play it, and it would be forgoten. FOR SHAME! This is why I am making this site, for the simple reason of letting the public enjoy my creations, and giving them the fame that they deserve. Thanks for barring with my drivel.

Another question is: " So what kind of games do you have on this site?"

The answer to that will change probably every time I update the site. Right now, I am working on including another Choose Your Own Adventure, and other interesting games, like Forum RPGs, Email RPGs, Java games, and Java RPGS and CYOAs.