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        You step up to the flat rock, and look upon it. Then reaching out to touch it, you see a dreadful image in your mind. A giant man, with an ax, you saw, and that was what bedazzled you.  Muscles going limp, you could not move or speak. Your friends ask you from the distance,” What is it Matt?”  As hard you try, you can’t get a sound past your mouth. Then after a minute of questions thrown at you by your friends, they came closer to the stone and taped you on the shoulder; the spell then passed on to them, rendering them useless to any command of their minds. After what seemed like hours, our death arrived. A large, strong built man, with an ax and a cover over his head, he was. And he looked happy.

            “More mortals to sacrifice to my lord. Good!” he shouted with joy. Then he laid you down, side by side, and one by one made the victim kneel at the “altar” and saying a short prayer in turn would slice of their head. You were last and got to see your friends decapitated before you. Then with a single blow, the giant sacrificed you, kneeling there at the altar, to his evil god! 


You got 57 end points