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        You sat tight, as the man licked his lips and stroked your bloody appendage. The phone rang six times, but no one would pick up. Then suddenly the sound of your mom entered your ears. Before you could make even the slightest peep, the man beside you put his wrinkled hand over your mouth, and grabbing the telephone out of your hand shoved it down hard into its place. Then he let go with a grin.

            “What the @#$! is wrong with you? You exclaim with protest.

            “Blood makes me happy, especially young human blood,” he replied,” it’s so juicy and sweet, not like the blood of a dog or a cat.” Just then you notice, the empty room next to this one, full of dead rodents and cats, their shriveled bodies lying limp on the cold earthen ground. Next the vampire bit your arm, and started to suck your blood. Your thrashing ended slowly, as your life force was drained out. Out it seeped, and into the man, making him younger and stronger by the minute. Finally, when you died completely, the beast took your corpse, and dragged it into the adjacent room. After shutting the door, he wiped up his bloody face.



You got 50 end points