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In a wild panic, you threw your whole body forward, racing for the exit of the cave. The chattering spiders quickly noticed you and threw down nets, enormous silky webs, covering you, making you slow and weak. On you struggled as the opening of the cave crept closer, but the webs were just too much to drag along, and down you fell to the ground, screaming for help. But nobody answered. Next the spiders jumped upon your body, completely suffocating it with sticky, stringy, silky webs, shooting them strongly at your shivering and shuddering self. Then you knew, that your death was final. The spiders dragged your body up onto the roof where they attached it with extra webs, and over the course of several days liquefied you. Then they drank you with their hairy mouths, a sort of slurry of human flesh. What a way to go!



You achieved 50 endpoints.