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Taking all the precautions not to disturb the creatures or make yourself felt, you eased your trembling body for the exit. The spiders still too busy to notice your presence, clustered over a corpse of a wolf. A wolf, they caught with their nets, a gruesome death, even for a savage. Shuddering, you reached the very end, the opening, which you so longed for. Here, you still keeping very quiet, tiptoed farther. For a whole entire hour you pained yourself with tense ears and muscles, your mind playing paranoid tricks on your eyes, You kept on hearing shuffles, and groans. How horrid! There, half a mile away you rested upon the ground; weary of your travels, and in no time closed your eyes with overwhelming fatigue, you muscles and mind aching.

            The happy sun awoke you, mildly stroking your cheeks with warmth. Here you lay on the ground, amidst a field. Stretching, with a yawn, you felt better. As though a heavy load was lifted of your chest. Your arm was better too, pain completely gone. Your eyes were delighted and sensed that you were in your own backyard. The old chestnut that you so adored swayed its massive branches, as if greeting you, back from a dreadful place. But what were you doing, here in your back yard? The next thing you noticed is the blanket that covered you. Where did that come from? Then your glance fell upon your mom in the kitchen drinking coffee in her robe. Her gentle face brought tears of happiness into your eyes. She saw you there in the field, staring at her, and came outside. “How was your sleep, not too uncomfortable?” she questioned.

 “What happened?” you replied with a question of your own.

“Nothing, just that you fell asleep, outside while pondering about your trick-or-treating. You didn't get anything, did you? I knew that your friends where eager to go, but I told them that you couldn’t, sleeping and all!" she continued.

 You won good job.

You achieved 92 endpoints