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Slowly, ever so slowly you take out the fireworks that you had stowed in your bag, and carefully light them, The spiders paused, and stared with their multitude of eyes at the fuse, burning away, getting closer and closer. Then with seconds to go, you move yourself two feet towards the door. This was your mistake. Sensing your sudden movements, the spiders jump down, yet while in midair, they where met with an array of rockets and poppers. There was a wall shattering noise as the confusion of the moment allowed you to make your leave, seeing as how the spiders had a bigger problem than a simple trespasser. Then with a smile on you face, you continue your journey, the explosions behind you still working, like the fury of a bull.

            “Ha,” You scream out,” I beat you! I beat this curse and survived!” Then suddenly the very earth beneath you parted, as if by shear will. The air was fouled up by the vapors that escaped, and here, you saw a demon. Giant creature, skin like magma, eyes like coals, and horns like spears. “You dare speak against me, dare to insult me mortal?” it bellowed. “I heard your foolish remark! Stupid you are, for I am everlasting. You are just a mortal. I am power! You are nothing. I command the Halloween nights, and you are but a victim. A helpless pawn in my twisted game, you are. Now feel my wrath, my ultimate fury, for you have sealed your burning fate!” And with that it seized you and brought you down to its lair, the underworld, where it used you for eternity, as one of its servants, carrying its food to it, countless souls! So close, but no cigar.


You got 56 end points.