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        Your team and you traveled to Groain during a period of several hours. Weak, cold, and hungry you settled down next to a house in the outskirts. It looked abandoned, like all of the other houses that you have seen traveling tonight. The night was now old, yet it seemed ever so deadly. The moon was gone, yet the sun was not in sight. Not even single rays could be observed. It seemed like you where lost, in a foreign town, probably also haunted by the curse. Here you found out what true fear, and depression is, sitting silently, shivering on the ground huddled up against the side of the building. Then suddenly, as you and your friends began to give up hope, you found it. Here you saw the old bridge, just like the one you used to play under, when you where little; the bridge that was not a hundred feet away from the fence of your house.            

            “Look! It’s the old bridge!” you exclaimed with blood warming up again, as you got up and ran. Your pals followed with puzzled looks on their faces. All of a sudden you found the little chipped brick that you used to write your name on. And here it was MATT, as clear as the blue sky of Arizona. Oh joy, what happiness it was to be back! Your friends too, started to recognize the surroundings, the place so familiar now. Just then the first ray of sunlight broke through the clouds, shining its white self upon the city. And suddenly with an overwhelming explosion the place was alive. People were waking up and getting their morning paper, the blue jays appeared, signing a happy tune, and the cars raced in the streets, as though never gone. Upon the ground you threw yourself, crying with heart-aching joy. This was true happiness.

 You win good job!

You get 75 end points.