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The three of you started running as soon as you see the old hag. On her broom she flew in pursuit. Her dress changed to that of the classical witch, but she was as hideous as ever. Her nose was long and wrinkled, cheeks bone and dry, hair in a tangled mess, and teeth crooked as an old fence. New hatred was in her eyes.

            Your efforts to outrun the hag were puny, and pathetic, for her broom gave her the speed of a flying cheetah. In no time she had caught Sarah and Mike, turning them into bunnies, and stowing them, under her dress. Your legs were giving out from all the running that you have done this night, and now the witch was finally after you. You, she caught in twenty-three seconds, for you where counting your last moments, and turned you into a toad. Off she went with the three of you under her dress, flying back to her house for dinner. Try again!



The End

You get 44 end points