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The three of you dashed back into the building, and hid under a pile of boxes. All the doors around you where locked, so you had no choice. In a matter of minutes the old witch walked by the broken door, and paused looking inside.

            “Come out you pretties! I’m hungry” she shrieked. The three of you held your breath, waiting for her to leave, not moving a single muscle.

            “You little brats killed my poor Icabob!” she exclaimed, as she found the corpse limp on the floor.

            “Now you shall die!” she continued, stepping into the building. Shivering, the three of you lay still, numb from fright. The old lady, Hingerbone, continued,” I see you little rats! And I can hear you shivering under those boxes. Then she took out a book, and recited in a foreign language a spell, one that turned you all to frogs. Then she delicately picked you and your amigos up and placed you all into her foaming mouth. Ten seconds later she chewed you up raw, like a bunch of apples. Don’t you hate these endings!



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