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Your travels continue, in the direction opposite of west. On you went groaning, and moaning. Your arm was completely swollen and red, and looked funny, yet it was not a laughing matter, for your arm was hurt really bad. With that in mind, you made your way to the ends of the town, where your house was, but these parts were unfamiliar. Perhaps you went the wrong way, or worse still, the air around you was bewitched – cursed by the wicked forces about. The moon was just present high in the lonesome sky, shrouded by the massive gray clouds, making irregular shadows dance from tree to tree. Here as you walked amongst the outskirts a single hill. High it was, and daring, for it had upon it a large hole. A mouth of a giant, ready to swallow you up like a midnight snack. Through the cave you saw your house.

            “What the heck! What is my house doing here?” you exclaimed questionably. Last time you checked, you where living in a dense populated area, an area not unlike the neighborhoods of a clean small city. Yet now overwhelmed with joy you ran for the house, the house that was made perfect by the circumstances. Foolish you were indeed! Upon entering the cave you stopped, with a dreadful feeling of danger in your heart. You felt webs, thick disgusting webs, which seemed to appear out of nowhere. Next, the sound of chirps, high pitched chirps, came to your ears. And lastly, you saw many sets of eyes. Not like yours and mine, but small and eight in number. Terrible fright entered your brain, made you numb and rigid, and propelled you to look up. There fathoms high, the light hit the roof, and with it a crawling mass of spiders, unnatural in size and color. Then it hit you, you where tricked, by the powers of evil. Three choices hit you as best.


A)     Take out the fireworks that you packed with you and light them

B)     Slowly walk for the exit, through the cave

C)    RUN for your life (29)